Litedoge Faucet

What is Litedoge Faucet?

A litedoge faucet is a website that collects litedoge from donors, and donates them to people who requests for them.

Litedoge is a fast and fun proof of stake cryptocurrency, which means you can get coins by simply holding your coins on a full wallet! Litedoge has a friendly community and is emerging to become a popular coin.

To get a wallet for litedoge, go to the Litedoge Official Site and get a wallet!

This site runs on donations! Donate Litedoge to dGYbaRmazpN1eWTPjVFi5aHuRttWCQKfde to keep the site going!

Want to support the LiteDoge team to help development?
Send Litedoge to dN8MWg5MUfDo9QmPY8Loi1KYkNNkvE6apb
Send Bitcoin to 1Aut8J92d1AFtzDFWJ2Ts8N2QxBPNJEnqt

For larger donations, support and inquires, email